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Onions have surprising health benefits

Onions can be found in a wide variety of dishes, including pasta, sandwiches, soups and burritos. The taste of onions is tangy and crunchy. They are...

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10 Signs You Are Highly Intelligent

It can be difficult to quantify intelligence - everyone wants to think they're smart. Intelligence comes in many different forms. A highly intelligent person has some...

What to Eat and Avoid when your stomach hurts

What you eat or avoid when your stomach is upset can make a huge difference in how quickly you recover. If you have an upset...

Are you addicted to soda?

Why you should eat lunch


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Five foods that increase your body’s keratin levels

Keratin, a structural protein, is found in hair, nails and skin. Keratin is a structural compound that your skin, hair and nails require to stay...

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Facts about Plant-based Meat Alternatives

Recent years have seen an increase in the interest of vegetarianism and veganism. These lifestyles are likely to be popular for two reasons: they can...

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Five Myths About Depression

Are you aware that the Internet is full of myths and misconceptions about depression? If you are unaware or not cautious, you may accept these...

Can anxiety reduce your appetite?

Anxiety is a condition that manifests as excessive worry and stress. Anxiety is a mental condition that causes excessive worry and stress. Anxiety is not just...

Symptoms and adverse health effects of not eating enough

We often do not eat as much as we should to maintain our health. This can be due to many factors: increased daily exercise, a...

Low-impact exercise has many benefits

Low impact exercise is a great way to improve your fitness without having to overextend yourself. Low impact exercises are movements that you can perform...

Ketosis Tips: 7 Ways to Get There Quickly

Ketosis, a natural metabolic condition that the body can enter, causes it to burn fat instead of glucose as fuel. When in ketosis the body...
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High blood pressure is not visible, and many people don't even feel it. It's important to know the effects of hypertension on your health, whether...

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