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Why you need a healthy work-life balance

You hear people talking about work-life harmony a lot these days. One of the most significant and long-lasting cultural phenomena started by the COVID-19 epidemic is the shift in the way the American public views work.

Work-life balance refers to a general term that describes the extent to which a person can fulfill their professional duties while also fulfilling their personal commitments.

Work Life Balance StatisticsStatistics from 2021 about the work-life-balance of employees show that there is still much to be done. As an example, 26% reported that they bring work home, compromising their personal commitments.


A shocking statistic shows that people who work more than 40 hours per week are 1.3 times as likely to suffer a stroke.

Although the culture of a company has a major impact on work-life-balance, employees can still play a part in managing this balance.

How to create a better work-life balance
Burnout, overwork and exhaustion all have a negative impact on your health.

Employees can control their work/life balance by taking steps to avoid overcommitting themselves to work.

Here are some great steps that employees can take in order to achieve a better balance between work and life:

  • Keep a physical distance between your work and private time. This is simple if you commute to an office. This can be difficult if you work at home. It’s not a good idea to work from your couch or bed. Create a dedicated space for work, such as a corner or room with a desk.
  • Disconnect. The technology has made it easy for employees who work after-hours or on holidays to answer emails or make calls. Set firm boundaries and adhere to them.
  • Take advantage of your vacation time. Employees often choose to not use their PTO time because they are afraid of missing out on too much. Time off is essential to maintaining a healthy balance between work and life. Vacation time should always be taken as much as possible.
  • Set boundaries. Set boundaries. Let your colleagues and managers understand what you’re comfortable with in terms of responsibilities and communication times. Communication is the key to feeling heard and seen in your role.

It is difficult to achieve a work-life balance, but it’s important for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. A balanced work-life is also important for professional success. Employees who are well-rested, happy, and healthy perform better.


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