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How to manage anger: Tips and tricks

Have you ever heard “Never go bed angry”? This proverb speaks volumes about the damage that anger can cause to your mental and physical health.

Everybody gets angry at times when they are faced with difficult situations or an unfavorable environment. Although anger is a natural emotion that can be helpful when expressed properly, those who cannot control it may suffer from unintended consequences.

Using anger management techniques, people can learn healthier ways to release their emotions. Anger management involves channeling anger in a nonviolent, nonthreatening manner rather than suppressing it.

What does anger do to your brain?

Anger is a common reaction to stress. Anger is a result of a number of things, including:

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  • Situations
  • Memories

The brain reacts by increasing blood pressure and heartbeat. You may experience an unexpected burst in energy due to a surge in hormone levels. You may notice that some people act aggressively when angry because they have an extra boost.

Does your gender affect how you handle anger?

A 2018 study found that men and women react differently to anger. Women often respond subtly when their anger escalates. Women are more likely than men to harbour resentment.

It is important to note that the data does not support that men are more violent simply because of their tendency to express their anger more forcefully than women.

This discrepancy between men and women is likely due to hormonal differences. Studies show, for example, that testosterone is linked to higher levels of anger and aggression in men.

How to manage anger

Controlling breathing: When you take a few deep, slow breaths, your mind will calm down. Your body will usually calm down when your mind has done so. As the heart rate and bloodpressure decrease, relaxation follows.

Use guided imagery. Guided visualisation exercises relax the mind and the muscles with a voice prompt or voice. Visual exercises are a great way to reduce stress, and help you achieve your goals and desires. By visualizing the steps you must take, you can train your mind to do so.

Positive Self-Talk: Self talk can be beneficial. When you are angry, repeat words and phrases such as “relax”, “just breath” or “just relax” slowly. By taking deep, slow breaths you may be able relax your muscles.

Exercise: Some cardio activity can reduce tension. If you want to decrease your anger, then a less intense workout is a good option.

Limit the use of social networking: Social media can trigger powerful emotions, including jealousy and worry. Sadly, you will often come across an image or post that makes your angry. It’s best to keep scrolling, or reduce your online time.



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