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Why you should eat lunch

Breakfast is probably the most important meal for you. What about lunch? Does it matter if you skip lunch or not? Everyone needs to have lunch every single day. It provides energy and nutrition for the body to function effectively in the afternoon.

You can control the ingredients and foods that you use by making your own lunches at home. You can still enjoy a healthy meal at a restaurant by following a few simple guidelines.

We all need to eat more fiber, fruits and vegetables, oily fish, while reducing salt, sugar and saturated fat. Packing a healthy, balanced lunch every day can help you save money while achieving your goals.

What should you eat for lunch?

A wholesome and filling lunch should include whole grain foods such as pitta pockets or wraps.

can help you feel fuller by incorporating lean proteins such as eggs, salmon, tuna, lentils or chicken. If your lunch contains certain foods, it must be kept in the refrigerator to reduce the risk of contamination.

Add a variety to your lunch. Think about an apple, a tub of fruit, carrots or cucumbers.

What Could Happen If You Skip Lunch?

Many people think they can survive the day without lunch. However, complications may occur. You may feel hungry if you skip lunch.

You will feel hungry if you miss meals for an extended period of time. Your performance at work will suffer.

In four to six hours, the brain’s sole source of fuel (glucose) will be affected if you don’t eat. The liver’s glycogen, which contains glucose, will be depleted during this period. The liver converts glycogen into glucose and releases it to the blood when the blood glucose level falls too low. If the body’s supply of glycogen is depleted, it will have to use less efficient fueling methods.

Overeating is possible if you go too long without food. Skipping lunch can lead to weight gain and make it harder for you control your diet.



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