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What are the health benefits of bicycling?

Bicycling is an environmentally friendly form of transportation and provides great strength and cardiovascular exercise for your body. Bicycling engages tons of muscles while providing a rigorous cardio workout.

The Many Benefits of BicyclingRiding a bike, whether it’s through a hiking trail, around your city, or taking a spin class at your local gym, has many impactful health benefits. Some benefits of cycling are rarely talked about, but important to understanding the full picture of what bicycling can do for your well-being.

Cycling is a Total Body Workout
Most people assume the muscles engaged when bicycling are only your leg muscles. While cycling is a stellar workout for the legs, it actually engages a majority of the muscles in the body.


To stay upright and balanced on your bike, you must engage your core and back muscles. When steering, you are engaging your back, shoulders, and arms. Overall, bicycling exercises almost every major muscle group in your body.

Cycling Is Easy on Joints
Bicycling is often recommended as a suitable exercise for those with arthritis because it is relatively easy on the joints. When you ride a bike, you are sitting, which puts most of the weight on your hips. This means your knee joints are freed up from the pressure of body weight.

Cycling Is Good for Your Heart
As with all aerobic exercise, it is vital to a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. Studies show that those who don’t exercise regularly are just as susceptible to a heart attack as those who smoke a pack of cigarettes per day – yikes!

Cycling Is Good for Your Mental Health
The positive effects of exercise are well known when it comes to relieving feelings of depression or anxiety. Biking is an activity that can be done solo or with friends. Biking offers a good opportunity for those looking to make new connections in their communities. Whether by joining a cycling club or signing up for spin classes, biking is a great way to find your tribe.

Cycling Helps Weight Loss
Riding a bicycle or stationary spin bike can be a powerful tool to burn calories! For the average person, an hour of cycling burns around 300 calories. Biking for just 30 minutes a day, alongside a mindful diet plan, can help you burn around 11 lbs. of fat each year.

Looking for a fun new way to get active? Give bicycling a shot. It’s great for you, easy on sensitive joints, and an awesome way to make new workout buddies!


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