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Healthy Alternatives to Candy

Holidays are filled with positive memories: spending time with family and friends, attending parties and events, listening to festive music, decorating for the season, and, of course, eating sweets!

You may be worried about your diet as the holidays are approaching. The holiday season can be a time where people’s diets are affected by baked goods, sweets and desserts.

The holiday season doesn’t have to derail your wellness and health goals. Continue reading to learn about healthy alternatives for your favorite holiday treats.

Reese’s is a popular candy from Halloween to Christmas. And for good reason! This classic chocolate cup filled with creamy peanut butter is delicious and creamy. These delicious treats are sure to derail any healthy eating plans.

You can also try:

  • Slice bananas into rounds, and then top with 1 or 2 dark chips of chocolate and a tiny amount of peanutbutter.
  • Dip 1 small dark chocolate piece in peanut butter.

If you are craving Skittles, or Sour Candy
Fans love Skittles, and other sour candy. These small candies are fun to eat and have a fruity, tart flavor that will make you salivate!

These candies, however, are high in sugar. They could ruin a healthy diet. You can substitute these with:

  • The same crunchiness and sourness is found in frozen grapes.
  • The same fruity taste can be achieved with sugar-free gum.

Alternatives for Cupcakes
Cupcakes taste great – the moist cake and creamy frosting go together perfectly! The frosting can be loaded with sugar and the cake may contain unhealthy fats.

Try these healthy options instead if you want to maintain your diet.

  • Protein bites with low-sugar icing (or use sprinkles, honey or frosting instead).
  • You can make your own cupcakes using oil alternatives like yogurt or applesauce. This will result in less fat.

Enjoying a few special treats during the holidays is never a bad thing. A candy bar or a slice of cake won’t ruin your diet if you don’t overdo it. If you want to enjoy a tasty treat while staying on track, there are many options.



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