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Flexitarian Diet

Want to reduce your meat intake, but aren’t ready to give up burgers forever? A flexitarian lifestyle might be right for you. We often see our meat choices in black and white. Either you are a vegetarian or you eat meat.

It is likely that the stark contrast between meat eaters versus vegetarians stems from many vegetarians being motivated to stop eating animal products due to cruelty to animals or unsustainable farming methods. There are many other reasons to reduce your meat consumption.

If red meat is not consumed in moderation, it can lead to higher cholesterol levels, blocked arteries and weight gain. Pork, especially fatty cuts such as bacon, is no different. Some meat products are infused with hormones because of the medication given to livestock raised for meat.

There are health benefits that can be derived from reducing meat consumption. But meat also has its benefits. It’s rich in protein, iron and vitamins such as B12.

With a flexitarian eating plan, you can have the best of all worlds. If you’re interested in exploring a flexitarian diet, keep reading.

What is the Flexitarian diet?
Flexitarian diets focus on a moderate meat intake, while also focusing on other sources of nutrition such as legumes, fruits and vegetables.

The flexitarian lifestyle was created by Dawn Jackson Blatner to demonstrate the benefits of a vegetarian diet without forcing people to give up meat.

Below is the basic premise for following a flexible diet:

  • The majority of your diet should consist of grains, fruits and vegetables, and legumes.
  • Instead of meat, choose plant-based proteins such as spinach, beans or tofu.
  • You can incorporate animal products as you wish (in moderation).
  • When possible, choose the least processed foods.
  • Sugar and sweets should be limited.

The flexitarian is a balanced diet that avoids meat, sugar, and artificial ingredients. This diet is suitable for most people.

Flexitarian diets are great for people who want to try vegetarianism but don’t want to commit. This diet is also ideal for anyone who wants to try out other sources of protein besides meats. Meats can be expensive and fatty.

The flexitarian lifestyle is a great way to reduce the amount of meat you consume and reframe the idea of a healthy diet.



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