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What is ‘Sober Oct’?

Nowadays, many people observe the sober month. Two of the most popular alcohol-free lifestyles are “Sober January” and “Dry October”. Every now and then, it’s a good idea to give up alcohol. Alcoholic drinks dehydrate the body, and over time can cause harm to both mind and body.

Many people are interested in sober living as a way to improve their mental and physical health. It’s not necessary to be sober the rest of your lives (although it’s fine if this is your goal), but a short break can help your body reset itself so that you feel better.

Sober October can be a great way to practice sobriety. Below you will find some non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy while taking part in Sober October.

Alternatives to Alcohol While Socializing
Alcohol’s role in social gatherings is what makes it difficult for many to give up. You might remember that alcohol was a big part of the party or event you attended. There are many non-alcoholic drinks available at most social gatherings.

You can still drink a cool beverage while staying sober.

  • Seltzer with a squeeze of lime or lemon.
  • Kombucha is a probiotic beverage with a minimal alcohol content. It’s usually less than 0.5%.
  • Non-alcoholic beers for those who love the taste of a cold beer.

Alcoholic Alternatives for Stress Relief
Many people drink alcohol to relieve and manage stress. It’s not unusual to hear someone say that they feel like a drink after a hard day. If you drink to deal with stress, going sober is difficult. Stress management can become confusing and hard without alcohol.

There are a number of drinks that are not alcoholic but offer benefits for stress relief. Non-alcoholic drinks that can help relieve stress include:

  • Kava is becoming a popular alternative to alcohol. Kava, made from the roots of the kava bush, can help with anxiety and insomnia.
  • CBD drinks. These CBD-infused beverages can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. CBD can also reduce inflammation.

Even if you only give up alcohol for a week, it can be difficult. Drinking cocktails has become so normalized in our culture, that it can be difficult to give up.

There are many health benefits of giving your body a rest from alcohol’s toxic components. There are many drink alternatives that you can use to replace a cocktail during your next happy hour or event.



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