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Low-impact exercise has many benefits

Low impact exercise is a great way to improve your fitness without having to overextend yourself. Low impact exercises are movements that you can perform with your body without the jarring and jumping associated with high impact exercise. Low impact exercises are easy on your joints and still provide cardiovascular benefits.

Low impact exercises are popular for many reasons. Someone who has recently been injured may want to move without the risk of re-injury. Low impact exercises may be the best choice for older adults or people with chronic health conditions.

Which Exercises Are Low Impact? There are many types of exercises that can be considered as low impact. Try these low-impact exercises:


  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Sitting exercises
  • Light Yoga
  • Elliptical machine
  • Cycling or cycling machine
  • Circuit training
  • More!

The exercises are designed to be low impact on the joints and bones. This makes them ideal for those with weak joints or bones, healing injuries, or other health conditions that prevent them from doing high impact exercises.

Low Impact Exercise Benefits
Low impact exercise has many benefits. The name of these types of exercise may suggest that they have a lower impact. This is not the case. These exercises still offer a range of health benefits while also protecting your body.

You can get some benefits from low-impact exercise.

  • Easy to learn, low impact exercises can be performed immediately.
  • Reduced risk of injury of joints or bones.
  • Recovery time is reduced after an exercise.
  • Keep your muscles strong after an injury by performing these simple exercises.
  • Ideal for groups and different skill levels.
  • Balance and mobility are improved.
  • More!

Starting a Low Impact Workout Program
It’s important to always consult your doctor prior to starting a new exercise routine. It is especially important to consult your doctor if you’ve recently suffered an injury or have a health condition.

It is recommended that you warm up before starting your low-impact workout. Although these activities are not as strenuous as other types, it is still important to warm up and stretch your muscles to prevent injury.

To increase motivation, choose an exercise that you enjoy. Ask your family and friends if they would like to join you.

Stop exercising immediately if you feel any discomfort or pain. Refrain from pushing through as this may worsen any underlying conditions or injuries.

Low impact exercise can be a great option for people who want to stay active but don’t want to aggravate their existing conditions. Low impact exercise is gentle on joints and bones, but still provides great cardiovascular and muscular benefits.

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