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Ten Breakfast Foods You Should Try and Avoid

Breakfast is the most important meal in the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the first meal of the day that kickstarts your metabolism, so make sure to make it count.

What are the best breakfast foods and what should you avoid? Continue reading.

Healthy Breakfasts to Try Breakfast is essential because it fuels your first half of the day. It is important to eat a nutritious breakfast that will keep you satisfied until lunchtime. Most good breakfast foods contain a combination or protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.


Healthy breakfast food examples to include in your diet:

  • The omelet is packed with protein-rich toppings such as mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and cheese. This combination of fiber, protein and healthy fats in the vegetables and the cheese and eggs will keep you going all day.
  • Toast with avocado and egg on top. This delicious meal can be prepared in many different ways. You can scramble, poach or fry an egg. Add some avocado slices on top of the egg. Add seasonings such as salt, pepper or honey for flavor. This is a healthy choice because of the avocado, eggs and complex carbohydrates in the wheat bread.
  • Greek yogurt plain topped with honey, fresh fruit and granola. Greek yogurt contains probiotics (also known as good bacteria) that help keep your gut healthy. This yogurt is also packed with protein, which will keep you satisfied. Granola and fresh fruit provide essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • Peanut butter and apple slices or bananas. This classic dish is very easy to prepare and contains a lot of nutrients. The addition of fresh fruit, fiber, vitamins and nutrients to the meal is a great way to boost its nutritional value. Peanut butter also adds healthy fats and protein.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable shake with protein powder. Smoothies are quick and easy to prepare, plus they can be consumed on the move! This is a great option for people with little time. You can also add anything you want to your smoothies. So grab your favorite fruits and vegetables, along with protein sources like peanut butter or protein powder, and start the blender!

Breakfast Foods You Should Avoid
Breakfast foods are not all created equal. Some breakfast foods are better avoided in favor of healthier alternatives.

Breakfast foods you should avoid include:

  • Breakfast cereals. These cereals are popular because they’re quick and convenient, but their high sugar content and artificial ingredients make them unsuitable.
  • Pastries such as donuts and cinnamon rolls. These are tasty, but they should only be eaten occasionally and not as a regular breakfast. These foods contain a lot of sugar and unhealthy fat.
  • Buttered toast. This is a classic and simple choice but it does not provide much nutrition. This meal contains too little protein to satisfy your appetite through lunch.
  • Waffles or pancakes? These tasty treats, though loved by many, are not ideal for breakfast. These treats are loaded with sugar, refined carbohydrates, and other unwanted ingredients.
  • Breakfast bars. Breakfast bars.

Breakfast is a very important meal. You’ll feel better all day long if you choose healthy breakfast options.



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