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Vaporizers and Humidifiers – What you need to know

You will probably be stocking up on medications to treat the common cold as cold and flu season approaches. Humidifiers and vaporizers are popular remedies for congestion, dryness and other common cold symptoms. These devices are different, even though they may seem similar.

Should You Buy a Vaporizer or Humidifier?Humidifiers and vaporizers add humidity to the air but in different ways. You should know the difference between the two to decide which is best for you.

A vaporizer releases steam by heating water to extreme temperatures. The vaporizer has an internal heater that heats water to boiling before it is released into the air.


An ultrasonic component is used in humidifiers to turn water into a cool, ultra-fine mist. Some humidifiers don’t use ultrasonic parts and instead use an internal wick and fan to achieve similar effects.

Both machines have the same function – to add moisture to your air in order to relieve any symptoms that could be worsened by dryness.

The Pros and Cons Of Vaporizers
Vaporizers work well because they produce steam that is less contaminated due to the high temperature at which water is boiled to create the steam. Nevertheless, vaporizers are very hot and can easily burn skin if handled without caution. Vaporizers may also accumulate mineral deposits that can affect the quality of the steam produced and cause bacteria to build up within the tank.

Pros and cons of humidifiers
Humidifiers produce moisture in the form of a cold mist. The burn potential that is associated with vaporizers does not exist with humidifiers. Some humidifiers allow you to warm up the mist prior to its release, so that you can still benefit from the soothing effects warm moisture. Humidifiers also have a lower likelihood of mineral deposits. Humidifiers are more expensive than vaporizers.

Addition of humidity in your home may help reduce the symptoms of the common cold, allergies and skin conditions. Vaporizers and humidifiers both release moist air into your home. They just do it in different ways. Choose the option that makes sense for your family and you.

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