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Can pets benefit our mental and physical health?

Dogs and cats are the most common four-legged companions. These practices date back ages.

The ancient Egyptians kept and worshipped cats. Domestication of dogs started when hungry wolves followed hunter-gatherers to try and get a bit of their food. These wolves soon became loyal companions and protectors.

Humans were born to have certain animals as their pets. This raises the question: What positive benefits can pets offer to our well-being?

Pets can improve their owner’s mental health
HABRI carried out a study in 2016 to examine the relationship between pets, and their owners who are battling long-term mental illness. The results were astounding.

Pet owners reported feeling more positive about their mental health diagnosis and having a stronger sense of self. The people who have pets also report a greater sense of stability and routine. This is probably a result of caring for a pet.

Pets can also help owners cope with mental health symptoms such as hallucinations and suicidal ideas by distracting them from the occurrences.

Pets can improve their owners’ physical well-being
Did you know that dog owners are less obese than the average person? All those late-night bathroom strolls are actually good for you.

Owners of dogs are more likely than not to be active in order to improve their dog’s health. Win-win situation! Not only that, but there’s more. Stress management provided by a pet can also help lower blood pressure.

In a study of 50-year-olds and older people with mildly raised blood pressure, having a cat or dog had a significant effect on blood pressure. The presence of a dog was linked to lower diastolic, systolic, and overall blood pressure compared to those who did not own pets.

They’re adorable and lovable. And they are a big part of our families. Pets are not a necessity for our mental and physical health. We adopt animals because we want to form relationships with them, just like we do with people.

It turns out that owning a dog or cat can have a positive impact on your mental and physical health. Maybe that’s the reason why emotional support animals (ESAs) have become more common in recent years. Pets are extremely helpful for those who have mental health issues.

Pet ownership is rewarding and healthy. Adopting a pet can be a great way to improve your health.

10 Mental and Physical Health Benefits from Having Pets (OneHealth.org)



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