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Gardening for Mental Health

It’s good for the Earth and our wallets, as we spend less on expensive fresh produce. But it is also… good to our mentality and mood? It is well-known that gardening can help you to maintain a healthy mental state.

Why Gardening is a Powerful Tool for Mental Health Though gardening might not be what comes to mind first when thinking of practices which strengthen mental health, it has many benefits that are underappreciated.

Gardening Provides Vitamin D
Vitamin D (also known as sun vitamin) has a significant impact on mood regulation, and can help fight depression. Vitamin D is more than just a mood booster. It also strengthens bones and boosts immune systems.


Sunlight can absorb vitamin D. Vitamin D is often deficient in people living in cold or cloudy climates. They may need to take supplements. While gardening, you can soak up the nutrients of the sun and stay occupied. This combination is a powerful elixir to improve mental health.

Gardening Is Great Exercise
Lifting, digging and other movements are required to pull up weeds and plant bulbs. This all adds up to a more energetic body.

No gym is required to work out. Physical activity releases feel good chemicals in the brain. It also has other benefits.

Gardening May Improve Memory
Researchers reviewed a 2014 study and found that horticultural therapies, or gardening, helped improve memory for those with dementia.

It could be because gardening is a form exercise, which has been proven to improve cognition for a long time. It could be due to the multi-sensory nature of gardening. It seems that gardening can be a powerful memory aid.

Gardening Promotes Self-Confidence
Gardening isn’t a perfect activity. Conditions such as soil, plants, weather and others are unpredictable. Even if someone is doing everything right, they may still have problems with their garden. It is possible to develop self-confidence by learning how to overcome obstacles not created by the gardener.

You can engage both your mind and your body by gardening. It is a fact that gardening has a positive impact on our mental and cognitive health. It’s also a great activity!


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