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What is an Endemic disease?

A simple definition of an endemic illness is one that is present in all populations or species. The common cold, for example, is endemic in humans. Modern medicine cannot eliminate an endemic illness from a population without the use of technology.

It is not enough to say that a disease is common or endemic for it to be harmless. HIV, syphilis and other endemic diseases are among the most common in humans. They are not endemic, but they do cause harm.

Endmic Disease Vs. Epidemic diseaseSome people might confuse these terms because they are similar in spelling and pronunciation. There is a huge difference between these two terms. Epidemics do not have a “base” infection level.


A disease epidemic is a sudden, unusual increase in the number of cases within a population or area. In most cases, epidemics are sudden and rapid increases in a particular disease or virus. They tend to affect only a small area. Pandemics can be described as a globalized version of an outbreak.

How Can a Disease Move from Epidemic To Endemic Status?
Yes, that’s the short answer. The epidemic must be large enough for her to develop immunity. Herd immunity is quickly built up once enough people are exposed to a disease during an outbreak or pandemic.

When the majority of people have similar immune defences against a particular disease, it may become endemic. Herd immunity allows the disease to spread silently and not affect most people who contract it. Even endemic diseases can have a greater impact on vulnerable populations, such as children and the elderly.

A disease that is endemic to a population is called an endemic. Endemism is the perpetuation of a disease within a particular species. Typically, endemic disease is not harmful to vulnerable populations because the species has developed herd immunity.

Over time, pandemics or epidemics can evolve into endemic disease. These diseases will always affect vulnerable populations. Even though herd immunity can be strong, it is always better to practice good hygiene and stay at home when you are sick.

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