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Exercise in a group: Benefits

Getting regular physical activity is extremely important to maintaining physical and mental health. Yet, everyone knows finding the time and motivation to exercise regularly can be hard!

You can try group workouts or workout classes, where multiple people gather at a specific place and time to complete a workout together. The popularity of group fitness is no surprise, given it has so many benefits.

Group Fitness BenefitsIf you’re struggling to get yourself on a consistent workout regimen, group fitness may be the answer. Working out with others has many tangible benefits on the efficacy and consistency of workouts. We have research to support this.


In one study, 69 medical school students participated in one of three groups. One did group workouts every week. Another was tasked with exercising solo, and the final group wasn’t tasked with any exercise, except walking or biking to get where they needed to go.

In the end, the study showed that the students in the group exercise bucket showed improvements in every area of life – from mental to physical well-being. The solo exercisers had a small increase in mental well-being, while the non-exercise group reported no change.

Improve Motivation
When you work out in a group, you will be influenced by those around you. If you see everyone trying their hardest and breaking a sweat – you’ll do it too! After all, humans are social animals, and we want to fit in with the tribe around us. By surrounding yourself with people who are motivated to work out, you will find yourself more motivated.

Make Friends
Making friends as an adult can be difficult. Friendships are an integral piece of a happy and healthy mental state. Group exercise classes provide more than just a workout – they provide a way for people to find others with similar interests and make new connections.

Improve Your Form
Most group fitness classes are led by instructors who are experts in their classes of choice. By taking a group fitness class, you get access to an instructor who can show you how to improve your form and performance. People who exercise solo may unknowingly use the wrong form (and sometimes even injure themselves by doing so).

The bottom line is that any exercise is good exercise. However, group exercise has been proven to have more benefits than solo exercise. Plus, group fitness comes with other perks like meeting new people. It is a great way to improve mental and physical well-being!

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