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2018年6月EOS主网启动,目前参与EOS超级节点竞选的已有300余个,但截止到2018年6月25日参与EOS超级节点投票的持币者才27%。In June 2018, the EOS mainnet was launched. At present, there are more than 300 EOS Block Producer Candidates in the election of BP. But just 27% of the EOS holders have participated in the voting until June 25.一方面技术强的中外节点有可能没有获得足够的选票,暂时无法挤进前21名。On the one hand, those candidates with strong technical strength from China or abroad may not have enough votes to temporarily enter the top 21.其次,很多持币人对投票本身持谨慎态度。首先就是投票安全问题。开始投票不久就出现的安全问题,让大家或多或少都心有余悸。第二是投票渠道问题,钱包可以投票、很多交易平台也开放了投票功能,还有很多交易所没有开放提币和投票。那如何选择渠道?这些渠道会遵从持币人的选择如实投票吗?持票人有途径去核查吗?Second, many holders are cautious about the vote itself. The first is voting security.The security problems that occurred shortly after the start of voting made everyone more or less at a loss. The second is the voting channel. Wallets can vote. Many trading platforms also open the voting function. Still, many other exchanges haven’t opened the function to withdraw coins or vote. How to choose a channel? Will these channels faithfully follow the holder's choice? Does the holder have a way to check?此外,鉴于EOS可以同时投30票的特性,衍生出一种结构性投票方式,面对这一异于传统的投票方式,对持币人而言是一个盲区。持币人手里大量的票不知道投给谁。对于普通的持币人来说,让他们清晰地说出5个节点的团队、技术优势、节点运营维护方案都很难。更别说1票30投,要选出30个节点。In addition, in view of the fact that EOS can cast 30 votes at the same time, a structured voting method has emerged. In contrast to traditional voting methods, it is a blind spot for holders. A lot of tickets in the holders' hand do not know who to vote for. For ordinary EOS holders, it is difficult for them to clearly state even 5 BP candidates’ team, technical advantages, and BP operation and maintenance plans, not to mention” 1 Token = up to 30 Votes” to select 30 BP candidates.这就容易导致羊群效应,跟着大部队投处于头部的节点。这就容易导致强者越来越强,而排名靠后的节点,声音会越来越弱。我们的担心是:这会导致一个更加中心化的平台,有更多非常有能力的团队被排斥在外。This can easily lead to herd behavior. More and more holders will follow the large troops to vote for the top BP candidates. This will easily lead to the top ones get more votes, and the candidates at the bottom of the rankings will have weaker and weaker voices. Our concern is that this will lead to a more centralized platform where more and more capable teams are excluded.如何选择支持的节点?从哪些方面来确认这个节点值不值得投票?How to choose the BP you want to support? From what aspects can you confirm that this candidate is worth voting for?2018年7月1日,由EOS原柚社区主办的《EOS投票共识大会》将于杭州举行,与持币人和众多节点一起交流以上关于投票的疑问。On July 1, 2018, the"EOS Voting Consensus Conference" hosted by FOS.TOP Community will be held in Hangzhou to exchange doubts mentioned above on voting with the holders and BP candidates.如何能够快速了解参选节点的情况?选择正确的投票策略?是本次大会的最核心的议题。主办方将尽可能收集最全面的相关信息,邀请国内外专家和节点参与者阐述这些问题。大会除了讨论EOS超级节点投票策略,还设置了圆桌论坛。How to quickly get the information of these candidates and how to choose the right voting strategy are the most important topics of this conference. FOS.TOP Community will try to collect the most comprehensive relevant information and invite domestic and foreign experts and BP candidates to elaborate on these issues. In addition to discussing the BP voting strategy, the conference will also set up a roundtableforum.本次大会计划邀请国内外几十个优质技术节点出席会议。我们也希望听到来自于更多持币人的心声。所有的EOS持有人都可以通过报名渠道参与到大会中来。The conference plans to invite dozens of high quality technology BP candidates in China and abroad to attend the meeting. We also hope to hear the voice from more holders. All EOS holders can participate in the conference through the registration channel.为响应国外一些技术节点的要求,主办方将嵌入视频连线会议的环节,尽可能展示更多节点对EOS投票机制的看法。In response to the requirements of some candidates in foreign countries, the conference will add video link sessions to show as much as possible the views of the candidates onthe EOS voting mechanism.本次会议由原柚社区主办,联合欧链科技(oraclegogogo)、EOS深圳(EOShenZhen)、StartEOS和旗象社区(qxeos)协办,并特别邀请巴比特、BTC123、BITV、混序财经、未来财经、火球财经、区块网、世链财经、比特吴、字节财经、晓币君、奇点财经、隔币老王、火星财经、金牛财经、块富财经、币报道等媒体实时报道。The conference is hosted by the FOS.TOP Community and co-organized by oraclegogogo, EOShenZhen, StartEOS and qxeos, and reported by 8btc, BTC123, BITV, Hunxu Finance, Weilaicaijing, Ihuoqiu, Qukuaiwang, Shilian, Bitcoin Wu, Zijie, Xiaobi Jun, Qidian Finance, OCX Chain community, Huoxing24, Jinniu Caijing, Block Rich Finance and Bibaodao etc.会议时间 TIME2018年7月1日 10:00——17:00Beijing Time(GMT+8) 10:00 - 17:00,July1, 2018会议地点 ADRESS杭州市西湖区华星路96号互联网金融大厦六楼摆渡星空BODOSTAR, 6th Floor, Internet Finance Building, 96 Huaxing Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou,Zhejiang Province, China扫码报名参会Scan the QR code to sign up↑添加客服,备注“EOS”入群Conference Contact WeChat↑Scan the QR code to add Conference Contact WeChat, and remark EOS to join the official WeChat group

EOS原柚社区(简称原柚社区)创始团队拥有数百万的EOS,本着自己的需求就是别人的需求的理念,原柚社区主要做三件事:第一,了解更多的参选节点信息以及EOS社区的动态,作为投票的依据并输出给社区;第二,把票优先投给有技术实力的超级节点竞选者;第三,把所有持有的EOS及相关收益,投资到区块链(不限于EOS)项目当中去。The founding team of FOS.TOP Community has millions of EOS. In line with its own needs is the needs of others, FOS.TOP Community mainly focus on the following three issues:First,to learn more information about BP candidates and the development of EOS community as a basis for votingand output to the community;Second,giving priority to voting for candidates with technical strength;Third,invest all EOS and related earnings in the blockchain (not limited to EOS)projects.

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