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Eczema: How to Deal with It

Eczema, a skin disorder, is not life-threatening or dangerous. However, its mental and physical consequences can be severe. Eczema has a negative impact on your mental and social health. People who suffer from eczema can struggle with their self-image.

Eczema outbreaks can fluctuate in severity throughout your life. Some triggers can cause a flare up, including emotional stress, allergens in the environment, irritations and more. Eczema is particularly difficult to manage during flare-ups.

According to the National Eczema Association in the U.S., one out of 10 adults has some form eczema. You are not the only one who suffers from eczema. You can reduce the symptoms of eczema.

Managing Your Eczema
You can manage eczema better by making simple lifestyle changes. These methods may not cure eczema but they can prevent flare-ups from occurring and help manage flare-ups when they do.

The following lifestyle changes can help ease the symptoms of eczema:

Eat a healthy diet. It is important to eat well for everyone, but especially for those who suffer from eczema. Our skin is affected by our nutrition. Certain food allergies can also cause flare-ups.
Exercise despite an eczema outbreak. Sweat can irritate skin, which is why people with eczema are often discouraged from exercising. Exercise is essential for managing symptoms. Exercise in a controlled environment, wearing clothing that wicks away moisture, and taking a cool shower after exercise can all help.
Follow your eczema treatment regimen. There are many eczema medication options available today. These include corticosteroid lotions, topical antibiotics, oral antihistamines or immunosuppressants. Your doctor will prescribe medications based on your unique health history and underlying causes. It is vital to adhere to your medication schedule, regardless of the treatment plan.
Manage your living space. It is important to keep your home as free as possible of environmental irritants. Eczema may be triggered by these. You can do this by switching to fragrance-free detergents and soaps, using an air purifier, or cleaning linens and fabrics more frequently.
Eczema is not curable. With the right treatment and prevention, eczema can be effectively managed. People with eczema should make lifestyle changes to reduce symptoms and prevent flare-ups.

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